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Bespoke logo design and branding for charity group Horses Helping People with Depression and Anxiety (HHPDA).

HHPDA is run by CEO Zeb Nawaz and as the name suggests helps people reduce anxiety and depression through the healing powers of animal therapy, specifically horses.

After a short meeting with Zeb we determined that her brand’s goal was to put forward a positive, approachable and supportive image.

Zeb made it clear the HHPDA logo needed to include imagery that related to horses. So I came up with the idea of using a horse shoe as a smile which she loved.

I then went away to develop the idea and after producing a few variations and tweaking Zeb’s favourites, the final logo as you see it here was born.

If you’d like to show your support for the charity please visit the HHPDA Facebook page.

What I Did:

Thanks for creating my logo. Stuart was very helpful in finding out what I wanted my logo to represent, and helping me achieve it. The DOUBLE ILLUSION of a horse shoe and a smiley face… GENIUS idea :) Highly recommend!

HHPDA logo design development grid.
HHPDA logo design, no tagline.