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Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design

Stop losing customers to your competitors with a mobile-friendly website design

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Want to stop losing customers to your competition?

Want a single mobile-friendly website that’s legible on any screen size and adapts dynamically to any device you customer is using?

Responsive web design is the solution that your business needs to compete online today.

Gone are the days when people would only have to rely on bulky desktops to access the Internet. With gadgets literally flooding our lives today, we can access the Internet whenever we want and from wherever we like, be it our mobile phone, tablet or even our TV. However, many times the Internet experience is ruined, simply because the website does not respond well on our mobile gadgets.

The answer? Responsive web design. A single site that adjusts its content according to the device it’s being viewed from, in order to increase legibility and reduce mobile website pinching, zooming and user abandonment.

Discover more about responsive web design and how it can help your business increase leads, sale and revenue.

How a Responsive Website is Different To Others

What you need to know

A traditional website will simply scale down an entire web page to the constraints of a mobile screen, rendering your site and it’s content tiny and illegible. This ultimately leads to a loss of visitors, leads and sales for your business and it’s an effect that will only increase as mobile traffic continues to rise.

Smartphones and tablets made up 34 percent of organic search traffic


Allow me to help you create a single, responsive website that addresses the problems the many modern devices cause for typical websites. I’ll deliver a dynamic, adaptive website that adjusts its layout and content to any device. One that ensures your customers receive a great experience with your brand.

Consumers love their smartphones. Now businesses must fall in love with mobile


Here’s What Clients Are Saying…

Stuart at Upward Creative certainly lives up to that name, his excellent design of our new website has dramatically improved the company branding and image. His in-depth knowledge of SEO has led to improved Google listing and a big rise in enquiries from the contact form and with the mobile phone and tablet optimisation we have gained a 30% rise in views from this medium.

He offers a service which is full value for money and has been very helpful in helping us forward with the facility to add new pages for products as we grow and I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking to take their business forward with a modern fresh website.


How Responsive Web Design Benefits Your Business

Why smart business’s invest in mobile responsive web design

Increases Leads & Sales

A responsive website ensures your site is legible for mobile and tablet users. Therefore visitors will stay on site, view more pages, enjoy a better experience and ultimately be much more likely to purchase or get in contact with you. A responsive web design means more traffic, more custom and a more prosperous business.

Saves You Time

A single site means easier maintenance. No need to update or try to keep multiple websites in sync. Add your content once; carry out your search engine optimisation once and track analytics and conversion stats once, regardless of your end users device. All of your site maintenance and improvement efforts are consolidated, yet you and your users reap the benefits across infinite devices.

Legible On Every Device

o matter what device your visitors are using, customers will clearly see your content as you intended. With the help of responsive web design, your website will dynamically adjust its content to the size and scale of any device. No pinching and squinting. Just crisp, clear, legible text and content wrapped in an experience your customers will love.

No Need For Apps

Building a separate mobile app and website is beneficial in some situations, but very often unnecessary when a single responsive website could of done the job of both. Why suffer the expense, maintenance, inconsistency and build of a separate app and website, when a single responsive website could achieve the same thing, at a fraction of the cost? Get your free consult call today and I’ll help you save time, money and make a huge improvement to your audience’s web experience.

Saves You Money

Previously, as a website owner, you were required to design different versions of your website for different gadgets. With responsive web design your site works on all gadgets, uniformly. As a result you save money as design and development only needs to be done once. In other words, you can spend less on design and programming and more on growing you business or bottom line.

Puts You Ahead

Responsive web design is still a relatively novel concept for a lot of people, with only those in the know slowly getting on board. As a result, most websites do not employ it, leaving their site awkward or impossible to use on mobile devices. By making use of responsive web design you’ll not only have a better product at hand, you’ll put yourself ahead of your completion and allow your website to serve customers theirs couldn’t.

Improves User Experience

Customers will experience and appreciate an improved and consistent user experience across multiple devices. A better design, one that is appropriate to the device, and a better user experience means you’ll enjoy a higher conversion rate. Customers will more likely want to recommend your site and return again and again.

Strengthens Your Branding

Consistency is extremely important for branding. With responsive web design your logo design, brand colours, fonts, images, etc all remain the same, regardless of your visitors device. This helps to amplify your brand image. Customers will gain an appreciation of this consistency, along with an increased sense of reassurance and familiarity with every visit.

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