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How to Optimise Your Website to Generate More Inbound Call Leads (in 4 Easy Steps)

Want more inbound sales calls from your website? Just follow these easy steps.

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What if I told you that you can optimise your website design to generate more inbound call leads? You’d probably say it sounds like some kind of black magic. But it’s not.

Today I’ve got four easy methods for you to optimise your website. So you can increase your sales and revenue.

But also get a better understanding of who your ideal customer is, their questions and objections and their path to becoming a buyer.

But first…

What is an Inbound Call?

Well, an inbound call is a phone call that is initiated by your prospect or customer and that comes in to your business…

Research by Invoca has found inbound phone calls convert to revenue 10-15 times more than web leads.

So increasing the amount of inbound calls that come in to your business will greatly increase your revenue, particularly if you’re a local or service based business.

Yet many business owners create roadblocks when visitors come to their websites and make it difficult for them to get in contact.

So here are four ways that you can optimise your website to remove those roadblocks and to increase the inbound calls that come in to your business.

The first thing to do is make sure you…

1. Display a Phone Number in the Top Right of Your Page Header

Make sure it’s big, bold, clear and easy to read in a nice legible font…

The advantage of this is that when people come to your website they’ll be able to see it on every page.

Not only that, in the West most people read from the left to the right hand side. So people will see your logo on the left and then they’ll naturally scan across and see your phone number on the right and then connect the two.

The other thing is that it’s a position where people expect to see a call to action. So having a phone number there they’re much more likely to naturally gravitate to that corner and see your phone number.

Having a phone number displayed clearly in the top right hand side, or any area across your site will also help to reduce anxiety.

When people come to your website they want to know they are doing business with a real company and not just a website.

So having a web design with a phone number clearly displayed will help to reduce visitor’s anxiety, make them feel more comfortable and this in turn will help to increase your trust and credibility and help you drive more inbound calls and convert more visitors into sales.

The second thing to do is to…

2. Get a Local Area or 0800 Number

This will help you to look more professional and it will also be more reassuring for visitors

And with an 0800 number, not only is it free, but it will also help you to look more established and larger and it will also subtly tell people that visit your site that you actually want them to call in and do business with you.

And with a local area number, this is probably best if you’re a local company. Because often local people like to do business with local companies.

So having a local number will help you to build an instant connection and not only that, having a local number will have a positive affect on your search engine optimisation and help you to rank higher in the search engines for local search terms.

So number three is…

3. Use a Click-to-Call Phone Number on Mobile

So a click-to-call phone number makes it easier for users to call simply by tapping the phone number on the screen.

Mobile search is the number one call source, counting for almost half of all call volume.

A study by Google found that:

95% of businesses do not use click-to-call features, yet almost half of all mobile searchers stated they would search somewhere else if this element was not present.


A click-to-call number reduces friction for your prospect as they don’t have to memorise your number and then flick between different apps to type that number in to a tiny keyboard.

And this is particularly important for prospects who need to get hold of you quickly, such as local services businesses and emergency services businesses. And having a click-to-call phone number will help to stop customers leaving your site for your competition and drive more calls to your business.

So number four is…

4. Encourage Phone Calls With Your Sales Copy

So not only should you put your phone number in the top right hand side in your header, you should also weave your phone number throughout your sales copy and your website content…

And clearly explain to your customer what happens when they call in and encourage them to do so with benefit driven, compelling copy.

And this’ll help you to increase your inbound calls, generate leads and drive more revenue for your business.

Wrapping It Up

Now we’ve taken a closer look at how to optimise your website design to increase inbound calls and generate leads, you should know:

  • What an inbound call lead is…
  • The 4 different steps to use to optimise your site…
  • How to reduce visitors frustration and anxiety and stop them leaving your site for your competitors…
  • How to turn more website visitors into calls and generate more sales and revenue for your business…

Remember: Creating a profitable website is all about removing roadblocks for visitors and using the correct strategy.

Speaking of strategy… make sure you download my 49-Point Homepage Checklist here now so your able to create a successful website without all the trial, error and expensive mistakes.

Have you optimised your website to increase inbound calls yet? What strategies have you employed to help increase inbound calls to your business?

Let me know in the comments box below, I’d love to hear from you.

P.S If you’d like the help of my freelance web design services or me to implement this for you, book a discovery call here now and we’ll have a quick chat.