Accurate Energy

Logo Design

Accurate Energy logo design

Bespoke Logo Design

The owner of Accurate Energy came to Upward Creative for a new logo design for their energy consultancy who help medium and large businesses make sure their energy supplier is billing them correctly using a bespoke validation service.

The logo was designed to reflect the companies professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and independent nature and project a modern, energetic feel.

And most importantly, designed to be clean, easy to understand and communicate the feeling of a professional B2B operation.

Accurate Energy liked the idea of using the company initials in the logo design so they was incorporated into a clear, unique and memorable logo mark that works both with the full logo and by itself as branding element.

Accurate Energy logo design reverse

Accurate Energy logo design on a dark background.

Accurate Energy logomark design

Accurate Energy logomark design with a visual breakdown and explanation of the final concept.