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John Dowling Falconry Academy

Logo design


Bespoke Logo Design

The owner of John Dowling Falconry, a pest control business in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, came to Upward Creative for a new logo design for their new Falconry Academy in Bristol.

Many of their competitors logos were dated and they wanted a modern design to appeal to customers and give them an image that would attract more customers.

The new logo was designed to appeal to the companies large target audience demographic, reflect the companies professionalism and be a unique design that would not age.

The logo mark was also designed to proudly feature a Peregrin Falcon. The companies pride of joy and prized bird of prey.

What I Did:

John Dowling Falconry Academy logo design on a dark background.
John Dowling Falconry Academy logo mark design with a visual breakdown and explanation of the final concept.