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KLN Consulting

Web design, branding and logo design

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Branding, Logo and Responsive Web Design

Kathryn is a chartered accountant with over 20 years of experience across a broad range of companies. She has a wealth of practical experience within a variety of small, medium and large organisations in which she has had an impressive list of high flying positions. After deciding to start her own freelance accounting consultancy she approached me to design a website that would establish a professional online presence for her new venture.

The website needed to strike a fine balance between being professional and corporate, yet remaining interesting and as Kathryn put it “not to accountant”. Kathryn didn’t need to display a mass of written content so opting for a one page design allowed people to scroll through the information quickly, and as large amounts of images were not necessary the page could still load extremely quickly.

The challenge was to keep things looking interesting. This was achieved though the use of different coloured sections, subtle textures, consistent colour scheme and close attention to small details that can really make all the difference with a bespoke website design.

As with my own site we chose to go with a responsive web design that would adapt its content to the device it was being viewed from. A responsive web design ensures that content remains legible to the rising number of mobile phone and tablet users and that any traffic from these types of visitors will not be lost.

KLN Consulting is now renamed and rebranded to 1FD Consulting with my help.

What I Did:

I wanted a professional looking website for my new consultancy business. What I got exceeded expectations. Stuart guided me through the process and helped me articulate what I wanted – which wasn’t what I thought I wanted at the start! The result is a professional looking dynamic website.

Kathryn Naylor – KLN Consulting
Logo design.
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