UX, Web & Brand design by Stuart Gamblen

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Mamba Web



Mamba Web are an Indian based Internet Service Provider who offers web hosting and internet connectivity.

Mamba Web was looking for branding and custom logo design that conveyed a crisp, clean, fresh and youthful feel with a preferred green, black and grey colour scheme. The design also needed to incorporate the letters M and W as a representation of Mamba Web.

Upward Creative chose to incorporate the M and W into a logo-mark design and was careful to ensure that the design held up in a variety of different sizes for use in varying situations.

This would enable Mamba Web to brand itself with the logo-mark separately and be ideal for use in phone and tablet bookmark icons, as well as favicon’s, the tiny icons that appear next to a sites address in web browsers.

The negative space of the M and W was used to create two facing arrows that aim to communicate connectivity.

This was then enclosed within a square box in order communicate robust storage in a secure and protected environment or server.

The font was chosen to compliment these qualities and tie in with Mamba Webs aforementioned brand needs.

What I Did:

Logo design reverse.
Logo mark design.